Becoming a Successful Privacy Guard: 7 Things Every Good Daily Activity Report Should Have

November 25, 2019

As a privacy guard, one of the most important things that you will do during your shift is create a daily activity report. This report is one of the most common privacy guard duties, and it is also one of the most important. What does that mean? It means you need to be able to write a great one!

When you train at Cancom Global Security Inc., we will make sure that you’re prepared for your first day on the job, and that means being able to write up a great daily activity report.

We have compiled a list of seven elements that should be in every daily activity report you write up. If you follow this list, we guarantee that you will be well on your way to a great report!

7 Elements Every Great Daily Activity Report Should Have

1. Organization
A well organized report is the key to a happy client!
Activity reports aren’t just for you, so make sure that other people will have an easy time reading them. Ensure your reports stand out by making information flow logically, separating different tasks or incidents, and being specific.

2. Beginning Notes
As soon as your shift begins, there’s already information which you must write down. Make sure that you record notes at the beginning of your shift, including information about your specific shift, any special instructions you may have received, and any other important information.

3. Time Stamps
While this element is small and easy to miss, don't forget it! Not only is it unprofessional to leave the time stamps off, it can also cause issues for anyone who might need to use your report in the future.

4. Detailed Descriptions
Much like real estate is all about location, reports are all about detail. Make sure that you include enough detail the first time; don't assume that you will be able to remember everything that happened during your shift. Trust us, after writing enough of these you will be glad you got into this habit early on.

When in doubt about what information to include, remember to follow the four W’s rule: describe the who, what, when, and where for every incident you write about.

On the other hand, it isn’t necessary to overload readers with useless information. Unless asked to include specific descriptions, share only what is necessary for the business’s operations.

5. Easy to read content
No one appreciates information overload and no one will appreciate an over-complicated activity report. Remember, these reports should be easy to read and understand. Don’t use the daily activity report as an opportunity to break out some fancy vocabulary words. Be only as detailed as the situation warrants.

Additionally, one of the most important things you can do is stick to the facts! Don’t treat the daily activity report as a place to air your opinions or suggestions. Write only the facts and nothing but the facts.

6. Images
Sometimes a picture can say more than you ever could. When possible, include images from your shift to supplement your notes.

7. Follow up
Finally, the end of your report should always include any follow up information to issues encountered throughout the shift. This will ensure that problems get solved and that information obtained after the report has been submitted is still included with the correct report.

Cancom Global Security Inc.

Although it is not necessarily the most exciting aspect of the job, you will be exposed to quite a bit of paperwork once you begin working as a privacy guard. We are dedicated to properly training security professionals, so we will make sure that you are comfortable with every aspect of your position.

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