Tops Benefits of Online Security Courses in Toronto

May 5, 2021

If you’re considering a career in security, you likely already know that Ontario requires you to be licensed. The licensing process ensures that those entrusted by companies with the safety and wellness of their customers and property meet minimum training standards. Security guards must renew their license every two years––similar to a driver’s license. The renewal process ensures licensed guards are aware of changes in laws and are maintaining their training. There are myriad ways to prepare for the exam, but the most convenient is by taking an online security course in Toronto.

Applicants for security guard licenses must also meet a few minimum requirements, including:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Can work legally in Canada
  • No criminal record

If you meet these qualifications, then an online security course in Toronto is a convenient path to a new career.

Go at your own pace.

Depending on your background or current job, you’re bringing a unique set of skills to your online security course in Toronto. With asynchronous learning, you’re able to set your own pace. You can spend more time with content that’s new and doing a quick review of material with which you’re already familiar or grasp quickly.

If something comes up at home or work, you can pause the course to resume when you have more time to devote to training for your new career.

Get high-value training for an affordable low cost.

Because of the nature of online security courses, they’re often more affordable than traditional classroom settings with instructors. They’re also not an exact replacement for conventional classes because of the self-paced work.

At Cancom Global Security, our instructors are industry professionals with years of experience in the field. They can answer questions and provide valuable insights into your future career in the security field. However, online security courses in Toronto are an accessible and affordable way to change jobs for many individuals.

Balance career training with work and family.

If you work full time and have a family to raise, making time to attend classes to switch careers can feel impossible. An online course allows you to schedule non-traditional times to study, like before kids wake up, after bedtime, or on your lunch break at work. Whenever you have time, you can work on the study materials for your security guard license. Online courses allow you greater flexibility than in-person classes.

Prepare for in-person classes.

Those who are unsure about a career in security can use the Cancom Global Security online course material to preview our more in-depth classes. The online course works as prep material to prepare students for our five-day courses.

After completing all or part of the online course, you can bring your questions for our instructors, follow up with portions of the material you didn’t understand, and start planning for which field of security you want to work in–or even for a job as a private investigator.

Learn in a comfortable environment.

You can’t beat career training that you can do from the comfort of your home. Online security courses in Toronto let students who work demanding jobs learn and prepare for the licensing exam from their couch. Instead of disrupting your life to commute to a classroom, you can easily incorporate your study sessions into your time off. Students can pick up the coursework whenever they have a few minutes to spare.

Sign up for online security course training in Toronto with Cancom Global Security.

Cancom Global Security training – both in-person and online – goes beyond the ministry minimums. We ensure our students feel capable and confident from job application to their first day.

Our instructors are industry veterans who can tell you what it’s like to work in the field. Learning from them, you’ll know what to expect from a wide range of security positions, including airport, mall, and special event security.

Sign up for an online security course in Toronto and take the first step toward a rewarding new career.

Online security courses in Toronto let you change careers on your schedule.