About Cancom Security Inc.
June 25, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Cancom Security Inc

Welcome to Cancom Security Inc, Toronto’s premier security firm. We strive daily to ensure that our clients’ property and persons remain secure and safe while under our guard. Cancom Security Inc promises professional, friendly, and effective services to all our clients no matter what.

Who We Are

Our mission lies in working proactively to make sure that our clients enjoy peace of mind whether we protect their property, their person, or some other important asset. Our expert, well-trained staff bring to every job a combined half-century of experience in the field, putting the best to work for you daily.

All of our personnel undergo screenings and rigorous training to ensure that they meet municipal, provincial, Ministry, and, most strenuous of all, our own in-house standards. We promise that our guards and operatives bring to every client the best possible skills, knowledge, and tools to perform their task to the highest standards of effectiveness.

What We Do

Our services start with an exhaustive and meticulous evaluation of the environment surrounding the job. Each task and environment presents its own unique set of challenges. To promote safety and effective protection, we take into account each variable, create a protection plan, and then work to implement it.

Evaluation procedures can include, but are not limited to:

  • Type of tenant
  • Communications and public relations
  • Possible areas of high sensitivity
  • Impact of patterns of traffic flow, including foot, vehicular, and air

Services Offered

Cancom Security Inc provides a wide range of security and protection services including, but not limited to:

  • Guard services
  • Parking area enforcement
  • Operating security systems
  • Private investigations
  • Theft and loss prevention
  • Protection of VIPs and their associates
  • Criminal background searches
  • GPS and other tracking
  • A variety of security personnel training
  • Security classes in Ontario, CA
  • Integrated security services to protect people and property

To each of these services, we bring our reputation for excellence. We are honored by the trust that our broad spectrum of clients places on us

Our Commitment to Values

For each client and to each job, we bring our core principles and values. These serve as the foundation of every job we undertake. These values include the following


Individually and collectively, we commit to bringing our clients professional and effective protection services. Our reputation starts with bringing the highest level of dedication to each job.


Each client deserves not only our strongest effort in providing security services but also complete honesty and dedication to meeting ethical standards and following best practices


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for everything we decide and all that we do. Our staff is consistently expected to exercise good judgment.


Effective protective services can never take place on a purely reactive basis. We strive to develop procedures and plans that emphasize preventative, as well as defensive, measures to protect our clients’ personal safety and their interests


Customer satisfaction begins with effective communication. Every step of the way, we work to ensure that the client has a full understanding of our services. We combine a commitment to complete transparency with a dedication to acting promptly to customer service survey feedback whether positive or negative.

Reach Out Today

Call or email us today to learn more about the wide range of services that we can provide. Our friendly and expert staff will be happy to answer any questions or schedule an appointment to discuss retaining our protective services.

At Cancom Security Inc, we pledge our best service to every client, every day.