Career Paths from Private Investigator Training Courses

March 21, 2022

Before leaving your current job to work in private security or investigation, get to know the career paths available to you once you get your license. The first step to working in an exciting new industry is to complete a private investigator training course. After taking the municipal licensing exam, you have several career options available. Learn more about your potential career paths after completing a private investigator training course in Ontario.

Fire Investigator

The skills you learn in an Ontario private investigator training course can be the foundation for ongoing certifications in more advanced specialization areas. Fire investigators, for example, usually need a degree in fire sciences. Authorities work with investigators after a fire to help determine if the cause was accidental or potential arson.

For arson cases, a fire investigator participates in naming and finding suspects in the case. This is a fast-growing career path for those with investigative experience, where you can work hand-in-hand with law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute criminals.

Security Manager

Large properties and events require a significant security staff. An experienced investigator may opt to become a security manager, handling the hiring, training, and management of security staff for buildings, festivals, and even celebrities.

A 60-hour private investigator course in Ontario gives you foundational tools for a career in management, with sections of study including:

  • Civil and criminal law
  • Principles of ethical reasoning
  • Critical decision making
  • Principles of communication
  • Management techniques

Learn from instructors with first-hand industry experience and start building the resume to move into the high-paying and rewarding field of security management.

Financial Investigator

If you’re coming from a career in finance, such as accounting, consider the field of financial investigation. PIs in this sector may work with governmental agencies or private firms to discover financial crimes and identify and apprehend suspects.

They can also provide attorneys insight during criminal and civil cases with expert testimony regarding the alleged crime. Becoming a financial investigator is just one way to combine the experience from your current career with a future as an investigator.

Job Applicant Screening

Large corporations and government agencies that handle sensitive or classified data often need the services of a private investigator to gather background information on applicants. You can work either as a contractor or within the organization, performing background checks and investigations on candidates for high-level positions.

This field of investigation comes with a more predictable schedule than some others while still offering the same challenges and rewards. Investigators are helping companies learn the truth about candidates, providing crucial information about applicants to keep data secure.

Independent Private Investigation Services

After completing a private investigator course in Ontario, one of the most common careers for people is to become an independent private investigator offering services directly to clients. Newly licensed PIs may find the day-to-day unpredictability of this career path appealing. Every day is different, ranging from conducting background checks to infidelity investigations or working alongside criminal attorneys to build defense cases and perform skip tracing.

Cancom Global Security provides Ontario’s premier private investigator training courses.

The team at Cancom Global Security comes from backgrounds in the private security industry. Throughout the 60-hour course, our instructors relay their experience and insights to the next generation of security guards and private investigators. Our classes go beyond the basic requirements of the licensing exam to give students insight into the day-to-day work as a PI. In six days, you can be on your way to an exciting new career as an investigator, empowered with the resources and expertise of the Cancom Global Security team.

If you feel called to a new career in security and investigation, contact our team about private investigator training courses.

Image of someone working as a PI after taking a private investigator course in Ontario.