Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Cancom Security Inc.
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Cancom Security Inc
<strong>Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Cancom Security Inc.</strong>

We invite any client or potential client of Cancom Security Inc. to reach out and ask any questions that might come to mind. For your convenience, however, we have also included a list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Why Do I Need a Security Guard Course?

Before obtaining a license to get a job as a security guard or a private investigator, federal law requires that you take a 40 hour security guard course. The course covers the law, job ethics, and basic procedures.

Q: What Other Requirements Do I Need For My License?

You must have passed your 18th birthday, clear a criminal background check, and hold legal eligibility to work in Canada.

Q: When Do Courses Start?

Cancom Security Inc. starts the federally approved 40 hour security guard course each Monday.

Q: Do You Offer Private Detective Services?

We have a team of licensed and experienced private detectives on staff to cover a wide range of client requests. These include finding missing persons, checking on business associates, looking for evidence of relationship infidelity, etc.

Q: What Kinds of Responsibilities Do Security Guards Have?

Security guards can receive assignment to any number of different types of responsibilities. At Cancom Security Inc, we assign guards to perform client protection in the following fields:

  • Protecting parking areas
  • Operating property security systems
  • Preventing theft and loss of valuables
  • Protection of prominent individual clients and associates
  • Background checks for criminal records
  • GPS and traditional forms of tracking

Q: What Kind of Information Do You Need Prior to Taking on a Client?

We conduct a thorough evaluation of a client and the potential environment of operation prior to beginning the job. This includes issues such as vulnerabilities of client surroundings, including travel situations. We check for areas of high sensitivity and plan for different scenarios.

Q: What Is the Most Important Aspect of Security Services?

At Cancom Security Inc., we see proactive preparation as essential. Developing preventative measures, regardless of the job, serves as the best way to head off any potential problems.

Preparation also includes a gameplan on how to act in case an incident does occur. We prepare for those instances as well. 

Q: How Well Do You Stay In Touch With Clients?

Effective communication serves as one of our corporate core values. We cannot satisfy clients if we do not communicate openly, honestly, and completely about their situation and our ability to handle the job. 

Q: Do You Offer Services in Piecemeal or Integrated Fashion?

In our experience, the best way to offer services is by integrating different types of security programs together. This offers clients different layers of protection to ensure the safety of persons and property. we tailor our service to each individual client and their own unique security needs.

Q: How Do You Handle VIP Clients?

We have years of service in satisfying important clients and taking care of security needs. We can assume a very visible or a discreet role, depending on client needs. 

Our team on the ground is supported by mobile services in case rapid response is required. 

Q: Who Have You Taken On as Clients?

Our client list includes major corporations and well known VIPs. For example, we proudly provide protective services for the Toronto Raptors. These and other major clients appreciate the variety of services that we can perform.

Q: How Do I Get In Touch?

Reach out to Cancom Security Inc today to learn more. Call (416) 763-0000 or use our convenient contact form. Our professional and courteous staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about security services or guard trainings.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.