Free Versus Paid Security License Training in Toronto

December 23, 2021

Private security careers span a range of disciplines. Once you have your license, you can explore a career working for commercial enterprises, individuals, or even for yourself as a private investigator. The first step to an exciting and rewarding job is to qualify for your security license. The Ministry of the Solicitor General sets security guard and private investigator licenses standards. Cancom Security Training Academy goes beyond the ministry standards to ensure our students feel confident when testing and on their first day of work. Our free security license training in Toronto is an affordable introduction to a new career. Here are the differences between free versus paid security license training.

Free security license training

At Cancom Security Training Academy, we want to empower individuals who see their future in the security industry. Free security license training is ideal for busy individuals who don’t have time for in-person classes and thrive with self-directed learning. Cancom offers a forty-hour online course to jump-start a new career in security.

We break our free training into individual sections covering the core parts of security jobs, including:

  • Basic procedures
  • Report writing skills
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Use of force theory

Our free security license training does not include Emergency Level First Aid Training. The ministry requires that security personnel have current first aid certification.

The free security license training we offer online gives you the essential information you need to pass the ministry test with confidence. However, studying for the test doesn’t prepare you for the first day on the job or the challenges you’ll continue to face at work. After browsing the free security license training materials we provide, you might be interested in taking a paid course.

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Paid security guard courses

When you enroll in a course for private security training, you’re receiving more in-depth and nuanced instruction. The benefit of career professionals is to be better prepared for the ministry test and learn about the different potential careers for which a private security license will qualify you.

Cancom’s security guard training courses are five days long and 40-hours. Security professionals with real-world experience teach them. We take you further than free training to exceed ministry standards and provide you with:

  • A 500-page manual
  • In classroom expert instruction from industry professionals
  • Emergency first aid and CPR training to meet the ministry requirements
  • Hands-on training for fire panels, building patrols, and scenario training.

Our students handle the ministry test with ease and then move on to provincial license requirements. From there, they’re well equipped to embark on a new career in a variety of security fields, including:

  • Airport security
  • Mall security
  • Loss prevention
  • Special event security

Both paid and free security license training are just the first steps in finding and pursuing a rewarding new career.

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Cancom Security Training Academy provides paid courses and free security license training in Toronto.

Our first goal is to provide excellence in service to every client we protect. In pursuit of this singular mission, we offer unparalleled training for security professionals. While the ministry sets training standards for licensing, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We ensure everyone who participates in our course feels confident and prepared for their first day of work, regardless of the private security field they choose to pursue.

Whether you’re considering changing careers or have been planning on a job in private security for a while, we’re here to support you. New courses start every Monday, with a curriculum that prepares you for the everyday situations you will encounter in your field. Curious about what a career in private security would look like for you? Try our free security license training in Toronto.

Image of a group of people at a seminar as part of a free security training in Toronto.