How to Earn Your Security License in Ontario
July 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Cancom Security Inc

For many organizations, security has developed as a top concern. Protecting physical facilities and ensuring public safety requires an ever-increasing need for serious and dedicated professionals. The many important responsibilities of the security field, however, require a rigorous process to ensure that the right type of individual ends up in the job.

Due to their importance, the federal government has established guidelines that require an applicant to prove their ability and their professionalism before going on the job.

Fortunately, we offer security guard training courses in Toronto that meet or exceed Ministry requirements.

Who Is Eligible?

According to the Ontario Ministry of the Solicitor General, the process starts with figuring out if you are eligible to get a card. 

First, you must have reached your 18th birthday and hold legal eligibility to work in Canada.

Next, you must have a clean criminal record.

The Private Security and Investigative Services Act of 2005 lists 81 offenses and two sub offenses that will prevent you from getting a security card if convicted. Only through a full pardon can you have your record restored to clean status and thus get back your eligibility.

Basic Requirements to Fulfill to Obtain a Card

Once you prove basic employment eligibility, you must demonstrate an understanding of the skills and ethics necessary to work as a professional in the field. You must take a security guard training course and then pass the test.

A Security Guard Training Course Is a Core Requirement

You can take the security guard training course separately or in conjunction with a private investigator class as well. Federal regulations require 40 hours of instruction, which can be online or in person. Online courses, however, must provide a legally approved number of hours of direct instruction.

The security guard training course must cover a number of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • The laws and regulations governing the security field
  • Basic security procedures
  • Proper report writing
  • Emergency first response skills, including first aid certification
  • Canadian legal system and other important information about legal authorities and law enforcement
  • Communication and sensitivity

Registering for the Security Guard Test

Once an applicant successfully passes the course, he or she may then register to take the test.

Tests are administered at DriveTest facilities across the province. Test registration fees differ from province to province. Ontario charges applicants $80.

Legal Responsibilities

Once they obtain their license, the security guard has the legal obligation to always have his or her license on their person while on duty. Also while on duty, a guard must present their license to anyone, law enforcement or civilian, who demands to see it. They must also clearly identify themselves as security guards when responding to an incident.

Licenses expire two birthdays after the issuance of the license. It is the responsibility of the license holder to ensure that this and all other obligations are met.

Violating provisions of the Private Security and Investigations Act can lead to a range of punishments ranging from tickets to a year in jail and payment of a $25,000 fine.

Length of Processing

Provincial processing of the license in Ontario can take up to 30 business days.

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