Cancom’s guide: how to renew your security license in Ontario

November 2, 2021

As a security guard, you provide a vital service to your community. However, a sense of duty is only half of what it takes. A valid license is essential, and a failure to renew it can have dire consequences. While the process can seem daunting, at Cancom Global Security, we’re here to help. As an unparalleled resource, our training exceeds ministry standards.

Here’s how to renew your security license in Ontario:

What you’ll need

Before learning how to renew your security license in Ontario, understand that if you work as a security guard, you must renew your license before it expires to keep working.

A license is generally valid for one to three years, and you should renew your license three months before expiration. To renew your license, you’ll need several documents, including your security access code and security license number.

Anticipate needing a criminal record check, a vulnerable sector search, and a local database search. Furthermore, you will also need to supply photocopies of your:

  • Completed application form
  • Canadian photo ID
  • Approved training course certificate
  • 40-hour baton use-of-force training certificate (if applicable)
  • A passport-size colour photo

In some instances, you may need to provide two separate pieces of identification. Luckily, at Cancom Global Security, we’ll be there every step of the way to guarantee a smooth renewal process and uninterrupted work.

What to expect

Fortunately, when considering how to renew your security license in Ontario, you can expect a straightforward process.

Typically, two months before expiration, the Registrar will notify you it’s time to renew your license. Moreover, when completing your application to renew your license, the application will request that you consent to a background check.

Applicants should report to the closest police service to their residence. These background checks are included in the price of renewing your license. Simply check the box that gives consent to these checks.

On top of the documentation you have to provide, you will need to corroborate personal information, like your name, address, or marital status. If any personal information has changed since you acquired or last renewed your license, you must inform the ministry.

You also must inform the ministry if you have been found guilty of an offence listed under Ontario Regulation 37/08. In Ontario, the process costs $80. Keep in mind that you must submit a new photo every six years.

What to do

Lastly, if you’re wondering how to renew your security license in Ontario, what you have to do is relatively simple.

If you plan to mail an application, it takes six to eight weeks for applications to be processed. Applying online can take as little as two weeks to renew your license. Afterward, you’ll receive a digital license that you can use while waiting for the original to arrive.

Make sure you submit a good, passport-quality photo, and you must be able to provide proof that you’re eligible to work in Canada. Also, it’s crucial to find a guarantor. A guarantor is responsible for reviewing the identification documents you provide.

Your guarantor should be at least 18 years old, accessible by phone, able to corroborate your basic personal information, and someone you’ve known for at least two years. The guarantor you select must complete the Guarantor Information Form.

After the approval of your application, your license will arrive within eight weeks.

Renew your license now!

If you’re unsure how to renew your security license in Ontario, you’ve come to the right place. At Cancom Global Security, we’re the leading security solutions provider, and our training is unmatched. We’ll help you every step of the way so you can continue to work, continue to serve, and continue to succeed. Contact us now to get started!

A security guard standing at attention facing a cityscape. Learning how to renew  your security license in Ontario is a commitment to your community.