Ontario Security Guard vs Private Investigator Licenses

April 22, 2022

Ontario requires individuals who want to work as security guards or private investigators to have a license. But to qualify to take the exam, individuals have to take an introductory, mandatory training course. There are free training materials available online, or you can take an in-person class that provides more than just the information to pass the exam. There are two career paths in the security industry, one as a guard and the other as a private investigator. Keep reading to learn about the difference between the two licenses and career options.

Ontario security guard training

The security guard training takes about forty hours and goes in-depth into the topics covered on the ministry exam. Attending a training course is the best way to ensure you have the information you need to not only pass the exam but succeed from your first day on the job onward.

The topics covered on the license exam include:

  • Understanding the security industry
  • The ministry code of conduct
  • Basic security procedures, including duties and access
  • Report writing
  • Emergency response and health and safety

While the breadth of material can feel overwhelming when you first look at the study guide, spending class time with industry professionals provides context to the various requirements. That context makes it easy to remember details for the exam and implement the correct procedures when you’re on the job.

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Careers for licensed security guards

A security guard license is the starting point for many challenging and exciting careers in the private security industry. Once individuals pass the exam, they can qualify for jobs as:

  • Mall security and loss prevention
  • Bouncers in nightclubs and bars
  • Residential concierge and patrol

The Ontario security and private investigator license is just the first step towards a challenging and rewarding career protecting individuals and property.

Private investigator training in Ontario

Jobs in security and private investigations seem like they have a lot in common, but it’s crucial for people changing careers to consider which aspect of security appeals more to them. There are separate licenses for each career path and separate courses to qualify for the exams. The private investigator license exam covers:

  • The private investigator industry
  • Provincial and federal statutes relevant to private investigation
  • Criminal and civil law
  • Introduction to investigative techniques
  • Principles of ethical reasoning and decision making
  • Self-management skills

Private investigators often work independently, unlike the team atmosphere of a security detail, and there are more opportunities to become an entrepreneur. Because of these essential differences in the two career paths, many people feel a strong inclination toward one before training.

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Careers for licensed private investigators

Once you have your license, you can work as an investigator for another firm to gain experience and an understanding of the industry. Private investigation jobs often include:

  • Surveillance
  • Asset protection coordination
  • Undercover work
  • Lost person investigations

Once you have a private investigator license in Ontario, you can continue to develop your skills and knowledge to eventually launch your own firm or work as a sole proprietor.

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