How to Prepare for Your Security Guard License Application

June 15, 2020

Cancom security guards are the first line of defence in protecting others during dangerous situations in a number of public spaces. Each went through a rigorous course to pursue their security guard license application and become trained professionals to protect the public.

If you want to join the ranks of Ontario’s leading security guard service, you too will need to acquire your security guard license. Here’s how you do it, and why you should trust Cancom with your required training.

Why Cancom’s Course Before Your Security Guard License Application?

Cancom trains and employs Canada’s most respected security guards, and holds them to high standards. We ensure each client we protect receives the highest levels of security wherever our services are required, making our security guards Canada’s most-trusted security service.

To provide the country’s top security guards, we remain dedicated to rigorous training protocols and courses. Each week-long course not only meets the ministry’s requirements but exceeds them, ensuring that our security personnel is prepared for any situation they may face in the field beginning on day one.

How do we do this? We don’t trust our trainees’ development to just anyone. Each of our highly qualified trainers is a respected industry veteran who not only possesses the right blend of experience and talent but also knows how to convey important information in a manner our recruits can retain, recall, and apply in high-stress situations.

What You’ll Learn in Our In-Class Security Guard Course

Rest assured that the instruction you receive in our one-week, in-person security guard course will prepare you for a number of jobs once you apply for and receive your valid Ontario Private Security License, including:

  • Airport security
  • Mall security
  • Close protection
  • Night club or bar “bouncer
  • Loss prevention security
  • Residential concierge
  • Special event security
  • Mobile patrol

During your 40-hour course, you will learn the fundamentals of First Aid, CPR, and AED—essential competencies that can mean the difference between life or death in the field. When you exit the course, you will leave with a 500-page manual to reference, as well as information gleaned from your instructor unavailable elsewhere, including:

  • Fire panel experience
  • Scenario training
  • Group discussions

You must demonstrate your knowledge of these core competencies on your Ontario Provincial exam in order to apply for your Ontario Security Guard License. Remember, you must complete your five-day course before submitting your security guard license application.

If you cannot commit to the 40-hour course with one of our veteran instructors, you may take an online class for free. While this course provides valuable information, it cannot replace the in-person experience and invaluable access to industry veterans’ knowledge. Further, we do not recommend this course for those who do not possess a college or university experience.

Prepare Yourself for a Career in Security with Cancom

Protecting the public requires a great deal of strength, training, and commitment. Cancom can help you properly prepare for your security guard license application and a career in security. If you’re ready to join Ontario’s finest security guards, sign up to begin your course.

Prepare for your security guard license application with Cancom's course.