Should You Develop Professional Skills at a Defense Security Service Academy? - From Cancom Security Inc. of Toronto

January 6, 2020

Security professionals provide more services and require better training than most people understand. Rarely does an individual simply walk into the job and understand both best industry practices and also government regulations. 

Yet capable and trained security professionals remain in higher demand than ever. Prominent individuals need personal security. Private property and businesses also require enhanced protection. 

To perform well enough to meet client expectations, security professionals must master the ever-evolving technology behind providing protection for property and people.

Because danger lurks around every corner, security companies need the most capable and best-trained professionals possible. A defense service security academy provides the best possible preparation.

Many Roads to Jobs in Security and Protective Fields

Security professionals need a few basic attributes to qualify legally for work in the field. This includes attaining the age of adult majority and not having a criminal record.

Many security professionals enter the field from two different sources. We often find much of the mindset and skillset of security professionals in military and law enforcement personnel. 

Security personnel share many attributes with the military and law enforcement community, including, but not limited to:

  • Physical fitness
  • Better observation and analysis skills
  • Training in weapons and hand-to-hand combat
  • Sense of duty and commitment to the mission

Even though one can learn much about what you need to succeed as a security professional, those on the job also need specialized knowledge.

The Best Preparation Option Is Defense Security Service Academy Study

Security professionals need to know precise information about their particular position as well as government regulations restricting what an individual can and cannot do on the job. Knowledge of weapons, situational awareness techniques, and more provide a great foundation. There is so much, however, that a security professional needs to know.

At Cancom Security Inc., for example, we provide a comprehensive five day, 40-hour course. We designed this course to not only meet, but exceed the Ministry of Justice requirements for training, skills, and field knowledge. It also ensures that aspiring security professionals understand their obligations to and under the laws of Canada and their home province. 

Our students also learn emergency first aid, CPR, and AED.

Cancom Security Inc. offers a plan of study for those seeking to earn licensing and work as a private detective. This position requires more education and skills but serves as a natural outgrowth of the private security field. 

Specialized training ensures that each applicant has the tools they need to not only pass the government exam but also to succeed in the field. 

Remember that completion of our course prepares the applicant for the exam. Graduation from the class does not automatically confer certification. 

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We invite you to learn more about our respected and professional security training services. Cancom Security Inc. has served the Toronto area for many years, gaining a reputation for solid service to the security community.

Feel free to reach out to ask any questions about our range of security training options. Our professional and friendly staff can also schedule you for training.

The security profession will always need a wide range of professionals with the most advanced skillsets. Our mission lies in training the best to be even better.