Top 6 jobs you can get with a security guard licence in Toronto

December 3, 2020

A security guard licence in Toronto opens up a number of exciting career opportunities. Here at Cancom Security Training Academy, our industry experts are training many people to work in loss prevention, special event security, and other booming sectors. In this article, we’re sharing the top 6 careers that you can get into with a Toronto security guard licence:

1. Airport and mall security guard

Thousands of people regularly pass through airports and malls every day. As a result, security professionals are needed to ensure the premises are free of safety threats. With a security guard licence in Toronto, you can hold a variety of security positions in airports and malls.

Typical duties of these positions include: patrolling the premises, being responsible for ensuring the safety of specific areas, dealing with security threats, authenticating employee identification, screening airplane passengers before boarding, and submitting incident reports when necessary.

2. Close protection officer

Close protection officers, also known as bodyguards, play an essential role in keeping high-profile people safe. Your clients may include public figures, high-level executives, diplomats, and other people who are at high risk of theft and kidnapping.

This particular career can be very exciting, and you may be able to travel frequently. With this type of position, you are usually part of a security detail, which is a VIP group of security personnel hired to protect one person. Your duties may include: escorting your client to and from meetings, driving them around, and overall serving as their front-line protection wherever they go.

3. Nightclub and special event security guard

A security guard licence in Toronto qualifies you to work as a nightclub “bouncer,” which involves checking patrons’ identification before admitting them to the venue. They are also responsible for keeping the venue safe, and dealing with any security threats that arise, such as fights. You can also work special events, such as concerts, sports games, festivals, and more.

4. Loss prevention security

Loss prevention security is a bit different from other security jobs. While this position used to involve ensuring the physical security of a retail space, the duties have changed a lot in recent years.

Today, loss prevention associates have more responsibilities, such as handling employee theft issues, conducting inventory audits, and dealing with risk management. Securing this type of position is an opportunity to play a critical role in protecting large retailers from organized retail crime.

5. Residential concierge

A residential concierge officer’s main responsibility is to safeguard the tenants who live in the building. These security guards may be stationed at condo complexes, apartments, and other residential communities. Potential duties include: controlling access to the building, patrolling the premises to ensure there are no security threats, monitoring CCTV systems, dealing with emergencies, and more.

6. Mobile patrol

Many of our graduates end up working as mobile patrol guards. Duties can vary greatly depending on the position, but you may be expected to de-escalate situations when needed, make sure others are kept safe from ongoing threats, respond to alarms or calls for help, and patrol the premises during off hours.

Overall, mobile patrol guards play an important role in maintaining control of dangerous situations until police and other law enforcement officials arrive. If you secure this type of position, you may be stationed at residential communities, shopping centers, business facilities, and other sites.

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Top 6 jobs you can get with a security guard licence in Toronto