What To Do Before Your First Security Guard Training Class

September 9, 2021

You’re ready for your next career move and are probably thinking “What should I do before my first security guard training class?” If you’re considering a career as a security guard, there are a few points you must think about before committing to the training and learning process. From exploring your career options to ensuring your course is accredited and certified, these are the steps Cancom Security Training Academy recommends you should take to get ready.

1. Explore your career options

After finishing a security guard training class, you will have many job options to choose from. It’s good to start researching them before your classes start so that when you are certified you are ready to apply to job openings. Security guard jobs can get competitive, so being prepared ensures the best chance of securing a position after you get certified. Here are some of the options available to you.

Airport Security

Ensuring a safe environment in airports is an important task! You will be responsible for things like monitoring areas and controlling access by unauthorized or undesirable persons and responding to requests for assistance from customers, passengers, and employees.

Mall Security

From preventing theft to ensuring that lost children are reunited with their parents, mall security officers also monitor surveillance equipment and write daily reports.

Close Protection

Being discreet is key when it comes to close protection. A close protection security officer will usually be responsible for a principal client and their family. Responsibilities include risk assessment and planning to minimize threats.

Bar Bouncer

When things get a little rowdy in a bar or a club, bouncers are there on hand to ensure the safety of all patrons. From checking IDs at the door to looking out for aggressive and destructive behavior, bar security officers (along with bartenders) are also responsible that alcohol is being consumed safely.

Residential Concierge

Residential security officers ensure that the building or condominium they are responsible for is functioning as it should. From managing parking to responding to community requests and ensuring that rules are being followed, residential concierges are often the first point of contact for visitors and residents alike.

Special Event Security

Events like concerts, outdoor gatherings, and conferences require security to ensure the event runs smoothly. Responsibilities include providing directions to attendees and making sure only those with tickets are admitted.

2. Consider your timelines

Depending on the course you take, certification may take weeks or even months. Our courses are 4 or 5 full days, where you will be immersed in every aspect of becoming a security guard. From a manual to in-class instruction, completing a security guard course takes dedication and time.

3. Consider the cost

A security guard training course is an investment in your future career. Before committing to a course ensure that it fits within your budget. You might also have to take time off from your current job to complete the course, so be sure to work that into your budget as well.

4. Background check

You will most likely have to undergo a background check for any security officer job. Make sure you have no past altercations with the law that might affect the outcome of your background check before you decide to start your training course.

Why Cancom Security Training Academy?

With so many training academies to choose from in Ontario, why us?

1. Our trainers

Our trainers are all industry veterans who are experienced in all types of security situations. They bring their knowledge to the classroom and pass it onto our students.

2. We exceed ministry standards

Our course exceeds the ministry standards and gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed as a security officer.

3. Gain real-world experience

Your instructors will give you hands-on experience with real-life scenarios and group discussions. Our students leave our classroom highly trained and motivated to excel.

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