What To Do If You Lost Your Ontario Security Guard License

January 22, 2022

There are stiff penalties for working without your Ontario security guard license. That’s why it’s important to keep it close at hand while you’re working and be aware of its expiration date. However, accidents happen, and the paper copy might get lost or stolen. In addition to getting lost, your license is no longer valid if your legal name changes, address changes, or if it expires. As a security professional, it’s your responsibility to show up to work every day with a valid license able to work. If you’ve lost your Ontario security guard license, here’s what to do.

Who can ask to see my license?

When you’re working as a private security officer, any member of the public has the right to ask to see your license. It’s best if you carry it in a case where the front is visible, including your license number, name, and photo. Security guards aren’t obligated to show anyone the back of the license or allow them to hold it.

In some circumstances, security personnel isn’t required to carry a license, such as those working in film and television or security personnel licensed from another jurisdiction.


When does a license expire?

Ontario security guard licenses expire two birthdays after the date issued. If you get your license on June 1st of 2021, and your birthday is October 5th, it will expire on October 5th, 2022. The holder’s responsibility is to renew their license before the expiration date to prevent it from lapsing.

Valid licenses are essential for ensuring the quality of service from Ontario security officers, regardless of the industries where they work. Restoring a lapsed license takes more time, which is why it’s so critical to stay on top of the expiration date of your current license and renew at the correct time.

How do I replace a lost security guard license?

The fastest way of applying for, renewing, or replacing a lost Ontario security guard license is online through the ServiceOntario website. It’s possible to renew through the mail, but it’s faster online.

As long as you have your ONe-key ID, you can access Ontario’s online government services to keep your license in good standing. It’s advisable to replace your license when it becomes damaged, in addition to if it’s lost or stolen.

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Can I work before the paper copy of my license arrives?

When you first apply for your Ontario security guard license, and when replacing a lost one, you’ll receive a digital copy by email before the physical copy arrives in the mail. You can use your digital copy to work, as it functions the same way as your permanent copy. It contains your license number, name, and photo, to assure members of the public that you’re authorized as a private security officer.

However, if your license passes its expiration date and lapses, you cannot work legally. This is why it’s so important to submit timely renewals through ServiceOntario.

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