What to Expect from Your Special Event Security Team

March 20, 2020

You’re planning an event and are wondering if you should get special event security but are unsure what to expect if you do. There are very clear reasons why you should have special event security present at your gathering:

  • Protecting VIPs
  • Maintaining crowd control
  • Keeping uninvited and/or media out of an event
  • Guarding against theft and property damage
  • Managing conflicts
  • Preventing security breaches
  • Handling emergency situations

How It Works

At Cancom Security, we work with you to plan your event security so you get what you need while keeping the ratio of guards to guests just right. You can expect that we will always be professional, treat your guests the way you would and appropriately handle any issues. We’ve outlined what you can expect from each area of expertise we offer.

VIP Protection

If you’re inviting or highlight a VIP, we offer close protection for them. We’ll use the guidelines you give us to protect your VIP from:

  • Overzealous fans
  • Unwanted attention
  • Media avoidance
  • Known threats

You and your VIP can enjoy your event without worry about their personal safety. We’re professional and will treat your VIP exactly as you want us to.

Maintaining Crowd Control

When you’re expecting big numbers, a private security presence in and of itself can keep order. If the crowd’s energy should begin to shift, we’re trained to notice those differences and mitigate issues before they happen while being able to swiftly handle problems if they suddenly happen.

This includes managing conflicts. Our private security teams can quickly diffuse situations or remove the parties responsible without disruption to the rest of your event. We go above and beyond when we train our security teams so they can effectively and safely diffuse conflicts in a calm and professional manner while not allowing these volatile situations to escalate.

Protecting Your Property

Image by wei zhu from Pixabay

Often, events are scheduled to highlight high-dollar property, such as artwork or jewelry, that you need to keep unequivocally safe and never out of your control. Your private security team will not let your highlighted property out of their site. The same will be true of your guests' property, such as high-value vehicles.

We’ll keep the venue and property on which your event is being held safe. Whether it’s your home or a rented venue, we’ll keep people where they should be and away from off-limits areas.

Preventing Security Breaches

To properly manage your event, we’ve trained our security offers to understand the importance of establishing and maintaining the integrity of a perimeter. We can swiftly and, without large disruption, address security breaches should they happen.

We’ll understand who is invited and who would be considered intruders. We can manage a guest list for you in a professional but effective way. 

Handling Emergency Situations

Nobody wants to think about an emergency happening at their event. But, while emergencies are rare, they are appropriate to plan for. If your event is affected by an emergency, we train our security guards to respond in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible while looping in local law enforcement at the appropriate time.

Why Hire Cancom?

Image by Grégory ROOSE from Pixabay

When you hire us, you’re hiring security guards who have been trained to standards above and beyond what is expected of us by the ministry. Our guards get hands-on experience led by experts in the industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our teams’ extensive training and how they’re overly prepared for any need you might have, or if you’d like to become a member of our security team, you can contact us here or call 416-763-0000.