Where Can I Get Security Guard Training?
September 3, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Cancom Security Inc

For many people, knowing that they can defend themselves in an altercation, and keep everyone safe at their workplace, are important. At Cancom Security Training Academy in Toronto, CA, we offer security guard training courses to enhance skills in this area, and to prepare you for your first day as a security guard. There are a number of benefits that come with receiving security guard training before you start your job, and we'll take a look at them here. We'll also tell you how to find one of our courses below.

What is Security Guard Training?

Before you take a job as a security guard, you need to be trained in this field. Many workplaces even require you to have your license before you start. Our security guard training course gives you everything you need to satisfy, and even exceed, any Ministry requirements and standards.

During this training, you'll learn how to handle a variety of common situations in this field. You'll experience all of the situations like you would encounter during your routine patrols and monitoring rounds. This training teaches you how to stop critical events such as violence or theft, and you'll learn how to apprehend people who are a threat to the building or to personal security.

Who Uses Security Guards?

Most larger organizations use security guards to provide a safety buffer for the employer and their team, as well as guarding against law violations. Security guards also protect against disturbances that could reduce custom for the business or damage its reputation. Specialist security guards may excel in a variety of areas, including retail loss prevention, gaming surveillance, armored car protection, and working as bouncers for clubs.

If you come to Cancom Security Training Academy in Ontario, CA for your security guard training, you'll gain the qualifications you need to work in a variety of sectors. These sectors include airport security, mall security, close protection, night clubs, bars and clubs, loss prevention, residential concierge, mobile patrol, and special event security.

What Cancom Security Training Academy in Ontario, CA Offers for Security Guard Training

We offer a 40-hour course that spans over five days, and we have a new class running each week that you can sign up for. Every person in our classes benefits from a 500-page manual to reference, access to experienced instructors, real-world experience by watching power points and videos, and more. You'll have group discussions, scenario training, building patrol exercises, and fire panels.

We believe in active courses over passive, so the guards that come out of our program are highly trained and confident. You'll get a first aid manual and first aid/CPR training as well. Once you complete our class, you'll have everything you need to pass the Ontario Provincial exam. Pass it, and you can apply for your Ontario Security Guard Licence.

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